Daisy has this life thing sewn up. The Paarl-born fashion maven grew up in Somerset West wondering: just how much can you wring from the world? So she put it to the test.

Teaching English in Bangkok? Check. Selling real estate in London’s fabled Notting Hill? Yep. Co-founding a super-successful retail food chain with her father? Sure thing. Descending on Antarctica at the helm of an icebreaker? Well, obviously. Inventing a time machine and hunting velociraptors in the Cretaceous Period? Okay, maybe not that. But one day. Sigh.

Now, over 29 countries’ worth of travelling later, she has come back to an old flame: fashion. Daisy was exposed early to the sartorial world, having started modelling when she was young. She soon found she had as much of a flair for the goings-on behind the camera as she did for being in front of it. Realising she had a wealth of ideas that nobody else was capturing, she started putting together photo shoots and gathering the experience required to be a creative director.

You can see where this is heading, can’t you? Her travels having fully stocked her creativity silos, Daisy decided it was time to start a completely new venture that would give her the airspace to combine her writing, creativity, modelling, business acumen and love for fashion, travel and interior design – not to mention her uncanny instinct for the shifting currents of trend. And thanks to her extensive journeying, she has a comprehensive mind-library of cultural expertise to draw on throughout.

So it was that Real Life Styled was born: a platform where fashion, décor and lifestyle could come together into a glossy magazine with heart and a pulse. Relatable and aimed at everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves, Real Life Styled offers real life advice for real life people, and tips from someone who really has walked that talk.

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