Wayfaring Stranger

I dreamed we were there, where the ocean met the shore on a sandy paradise where only you and I existed. Our previous lives threadbare, ragged and torn, fragments of three-atom oxygen molecules the stuff of the ozone, reabsorbed into the atmosphere and all was repaired.

Somehow we would still long for what we had left behind but our electronic jungle had been replaced, earthed, back to its former self. The longing is the constant clinging to the familiar, the memories, the attachments, the people we’d cared for, even loved. As long as we had our dreams as long as we could look ahead nothing is lost forever and everything is possible. It is only when you give up on yourself, on each other that life is no longer worth living. In this world, there is a kind of painful progress, looking back and dreaming ahead.

At least if my flight should fall and leave the tropopause of safe air, no matter how frightening, I know you’d be right there with me. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you fall, we fall together and that is where I will find my safety spinning and wheeling together for the only certainty in this life is that its better with you.

So hold me tightly, never let me go. 
Even when the winds of change blow, let the warmth of your sunny rays, beat down to my steadfast step. 
Let me feel your gentle touch running across my skin as you whisper endless love songs to melt my heart and keep me near.

This look is all about drawing from your environment. Keeping your outfits simple with a fragile beauty. I like using as many natural fabrics as possible while also using prints to emanate your surroundings. Don’t be afraid of adding metals to this look by adding bohemian styled jewelry. You will soon look like the gypsy goddess straight from the Paris runway.


LOOK 1: White Crochet Dress (Dark Paradise), Silver Earings (Forever21), Gold Earings (Accessorize)

LOOK 2: Tassel Waistcoat (Winter Kale), Earings (Forever21), Jewelry (Earthling&Moon) and (Bornzingara)

LOOK 3: White Crochet Cover Up (Dark Paradise), Earings (Accessorize), Jewelry (Earthling&Moon) and (Bornzingara)

LOOK 4: Crochet Bikini (La Lula), Jewelry (Earthling&Moon) and (Bornzingara)

LOOK 5: Cool It Crochet Tassel Top (The Lot), White Bikini Bottoms (Made by Dawn), Earings (Forever21), Jewelry (Earthling&Moon) and (Bornzingara)

LOOK 6: Beaded Dress (All Saints), Earings (Forever21), Jewelry (Earthling&Moon) and (Bornzingara)

LOOK 7: Swimsuit (American Apparel), Print Kimono (River Island), Earings & Necklace (Forever21), Bracelets (Earthling&Moon) and (Bornzingara)

PHOTOGRAPHY // Glen Montgomery
STYLING // Daisy May
HAIR & MAKE UP // Daisy May


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