The Girl From Higgo Hills

Up high in the Higgo tree house between the leaves and the flowers, that's where you'll find me. Soaking in the crepuscular rays as sunlight beams and sweet day dreams come to an end and a new day breaks to beckon you and call you to a soft whisper of the wind carried on the wings of a dove. To let go of what was and soak up the particles of dust and light that make this day so bright. Release yourself and begin again.

The idea behind this shoot was to capture a morning after a big night out. Drawing inspiration from the German photographer André Josselin's work. The concept was to see the girlfriend through her boyfriend’s eyes while she is still feeling a little timid and wobbly with last night’s makeup smudged around her panda eyes. She’s got a silly morning craving for a sugar hit to lift her back up to a normal level of functioning. Relaxing around the house and soaking up the sun, she’s a fun girl you want to hang out with.

LOOK 1: Olive Green Bra (H&M) Baby Blue Lace Bra (Forever21), White Cover Up (Cotton On)

LOOK 2: Baby Blue Lace Bra (Forever21), White Cover Up (Cotton On)

LOOK 3: Purple Lace Bra  (Princess Tam Tam), Daisy Dukes (The Lot


PHOTOGRAPHY // Ernst Heusser

STYLING // Daisy May

HAIR & MAKE UP // Saffiyah Cassim Khan


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