San Telmo, shall we dance in the streets and sing in the rain. These days are made of gentle rays on fair skin, laughter and smiles. A girl with a fiery spirit and a spring in her step, the sound of her heels clattering down the cobblestoned streets. She’s dressed to the nines with a million places to go but she wanders through the old neighbourhood greeting the locals and sharing some wine. Passersby snap a few clicks in the hopes that she’s the next big thing. No tabloids to follow she’s from out of town but she’ll tango with you for a laugh leave the dime. Pretty in pink, dashing in gold, some days she’ll keep it simple in white linen at the café I’m told.


In early 2010 I left my London home and embarked on a journey around the world. One of the last stops on my trip was to Buenos Aires in Argentina. I immediately fell in love with this city. I love the contrast between European architecture, the English influence, with the grittiness of the city and the flare of the South Americans. There really is no place like it.

It’s been a good couple of years since that trip but I finally managed to make my way back there. I based myself in Recoleta overlooking the famous cemetery where Evita was buried. It really is a spectacular cemetery filled with ornate crypts. I couldn’t help but feel a little spooked walking through it. There was something about the coffins stacked up through stained glass panes and the odd lingering cat. Maybe I watch too many movies but it yelled spirits, ghosted, haunted.

I’m not sure how aware you are of the culture and fashion in Argentina but it is exceptional. There is a strong influence from the rest of South America and obviously the Tango. Although they are known for there world famous beef there are many restaurants offering fusion menus. Japanese Argentinean is a real thing, as well as ceviche and other seafood dishes. As for the fashion it is one of my favourite places to shop. I love the Polo brands like La Martina. They make beautiful leather goods such as boots and belts but also have some lovely more preppy styled clothing. Of course polo is a big thing in Argentina and if you’re fortunate enough to get to see one of the matches as I did you will see its quite the event much like our L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate or the Cartier Polo in England.

Fashion is definitely a big deal in Argentina. Billboards line the streets like any big city but it’s when you walk the streets and alleys of the local neighbourhoods that you will see what Argentinean fashion is all about. There are many local designer shops but don’t expect to find a bargain. Argentinean fashion is expensive although I do feel like you can definitely pick up a few pieces you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Everyone seems to be wearing the latest trends in the hippest districts like Palermo Soho and Hollywood but having chatted to the locals they tell me they buy a few key pieces for a season as its just too expensive to shop locally. Its easy to see what’s cool and hip simply go sit in a café or bar and watch the people pass. You will quickly become a trend spotter.


In the fashion story we shot for Real Life Styled in Buenos Aires I wanted to showcase the oldest Neighbourhood in the city, the beautiful San Telmo. The cobblestoned streets are lined with cafes, tango parlors and antique shops. On the weekends you can barely move on the streets as the local antique market attracts tourists and locals alike who enjoy walking the streets and enjoying some of the local flavours and entertainment. There is a lot of history in San Telmo and I think that is what really draws you to it. These days it is not as well maintained as before. You’ll find a lot of vandalism and neglected buildings but nonetheless it hasn’t lost its beauty and charm.

In our story you will see me visiting the famous Café La Poesía. This little café was established in 1982 and has had many a famous writer and poet enjoy a quiet corner while scribbling down a masterpiece.

“It is said that a blank sheet is like a fathomless abyss. There are those that see it as a universe of possibilities, so vast and full of space. The truth is that in Café La Poesía one can write without hurries or fears: pages fill themselves with good ideas, nice moments and tasty encounters.”

This historic café is charming and beautiful. It doesn’t surprise me that it captivates and fills writers with inspiration. It sums up the essence of San Telmo and what it signifies as a neighbourhood.

I also stumbled across some local street art and even meet the well-known cartoon character Mafalda. Mafalda is an Argentine comic strip written and drawn by cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known by his pen name Quino. The comic features the 6-year-old girl Mafalda, who reflects the Argentinian middle class and progressive youth. She’s concerned about humanity, world peace and has serious attitude problems but in a very innocent manner.


I hope you will all enjoy the journey and local designers as much as I did.

Maybe your next holiday will even be to Buenos Aires.

LOOK 1: Pink Ruffled Dress (Maria Pryor), Red Heels (Justa Osadia), Jewelry (AGAPE 925 JEWELRY)
White Linen Dress (Maria Pryor), Red Heels (Justa Osadia), Jewelry (AGAPE 925 JEWELRY)
LOOK 3: Gold Beaded Dress (Gabriel Lage), Jewelry (AGAPE 925 JEWELRY)


PHOTOGRAPHY // Pablo Cersosimo
STYLING // Veronica Barbatano
HAIR // Miriam Novella for ICut
MAKE UP // Emilia Pena for Mabby Pro Makeup

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