Olivia Palmero x Westward Leaning

Its not like we need an excuse to buy anything Olivia Palermo wears. This fashion icon is so chic and stylish.

Now with the second exclusive collaboration collection with Westward Leaning we see Olivia Palermo in a series of gorgeous rose gold lenses. The frames are characterized by the boldness and iconoclasm of the unique materials used as side inlays in the frame’s temple. Manufactured from naturally-sourced granites, marbles and semi-precious stones, these avant-garde materials were hand-picked by Olivia and Robert Denning, Westward Leaning’s co-founder and Creative Director. 

Now all I see will be gold thanks to Olivia and Westward Leaning.

Get your Vanguard 13 with Rose Gold Lenses and Lunar Marble on Real Life Styled limited stock while stocks last for R5500.


VANGUARD 13 features:  

- White shiny acetate & black metal matte

- Rose Gold lenses

- Lunar marble side inlays*

- White ceramic nose pads

CLICK HERE to request purchase.

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