My Life In Levi's

A pillow of smoke comes billowing past as the trucks hurtle by. The streets are alive this morning with an electric energy you can almost touch. I’m on my way to the workshop where I’ll be tinkering on motorcycles trying to recreate this vision I have of the prefect ride. It’s the smell of dark roasted coffee and the flicker of the fluorescent lights above me a kind of grit that runs through your veins. It’s not what most girls would have envisioned themselves doing growing up but for me it is a kind of freedom that cannot be taught. Nothing can fill me like this feeling of the open road and the air rushing past me. There is wildness in my spirit something that cannot be tamed. It is the reason I push through the concrete of daily living to flourish and bloom.

I am not average I look just like you. I have the same fears the same big dreams but I have this old soul that teaches me its ways every day. Things I didn’t know I knew. Something that shows you its about living this life exactly how you are living it because there is no better time than now to be exactly who you are in this very moment. You cannot imitate or mimic something that’s original and that’s what I am. That’s why when you see me you look twice. Why I linger in your thoughts and why you want to be just like me even though we’re nothing alike. My story isn’t yours and shouldn’t have to be. Create your own story and live the life you want, right here right now because there is no better life than the life you’re living.

A special clothing feature for this shoot is from one of my all time favourite labels and the creator of the blue jean, Levis Strauss.
Shop all looks currently available in Levi’s stores and local stockists.

Shot on location at the Woodstock Moto Company and surrounds.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Glen Montgomery
STYLING & MODEL // Daisy May
HAIR & MAKE UP // Tarryn Maria
RETOUCHER // Lauren Bubb

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What an artistic way of showing the different ways to wear the clothes. Really lovely.
Julie Kakebeeke - 01 Sep 2017