It's that time of the year when the retailers need to clear their shelves and make space for the upcoming seasons new trends.

Most of the time I haven’t even realised that the sales have started. Yes, I’ve got the brightly colour spam-like emails and driven past the shopping centers posters a million times but it's like white noise I just don’t pick up on it. Its not that they haven’t put alot of thought into their campaigns or that the marketing isn’t effective I’ve just sort of tuned out over the years. This doesn't mean that sales aren’t a great way to shop. There is a reason you get that tingly sensation in the pit of your stomach when you find something gorgeous on a sale rail. We feel like we’ve won some sort of prize or been given a special treatment and for the most part you really can find amazing buys in a sale.

So you arrive at the mall or high street and the shops are stacked full of rails in a very disorganised fashion. Its quite over powering and a lot of people find the task daunting and simply avoid it all together. Most of us however give it a bit of a look just incase something special is hiding somewhere between the masses.

How do you start? Where do you start? Is there any method to this madness? Watch out for the power sale shopper they’re like those ladies in the eighties in spandex and speeding through the rails. They’ll push you out the way and intimidate you with their ferocious stares but don’t worry yourselves too much about these ladies they’re out to find those really cheap buys things a really good sale shopper would avoid.

The key to shopping a sale is to have a goal. You need to decide what it is you’re looking for. If you don’t know what it is you want you will either end up buying nothing or buying a lot of things you don’t really want. Now it is important to understand that most sales are happening at the end of a season which means you don’t want to be buying items that will be out dated by the time the next season comes round. What I would suggest is to always go for classics. Something tailored in a neutral or natural tone is very unlikely to be dated the following season. Its also great to buy basics, things like plain coloured tees and shirts can be worn time and again and we never seem to have enough of these in our wardrobes. Try and avoid items with too much print and excessive detailing as they will quickly become dated. By all means do buy a statement piece but make sure you can wear it through the next season too. For example this Winter there have been a lot of shaggy coats in stores. They are beautiful and very unique but this doesn’t mean they’ll be fashionable next season. So if you want to buy one of these on a sale make sure you choose a neutral colour and a cut that is classic. Don’t choose something with a hoodie or a massive collar. Think simple, chic, versatile. It should be able to take you from casual daywear to the nightclub. Something you could pair with jeans and heels without looking like a stuffed toy animal.

Be a brave shopper I know its tempting to buy all those items you’ve been lusting over all season but trust me the money you will save can rather go into your hangbag-fund. The sooner you can own that Chanel purse the better. And remember be unique, be yourself. True style comes from within we can all be stylish we’ve just got to fine tune the details.

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PHOTOGRAPHY // Glen Montgomery
STYLING // Daisy May
HAIR & MAKE UP // Inga Hewett

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