Heart Of Glass

I’ve always been a fan of the 70s. There is something about the post free-love generation with wide-leg trousers, floral prints and a distinctive colour palette that grabs me every time. Its bold and full of attitude the pieces literally jump off the shelves. If I had to pick an era the seventies would definitely be up there. The alluring mix of vulnerability and raw sexuality as well as an eye for stand out print makes any girl look like a queen of the silver screen. I’m convinced all my favourite icons were made in the 70s so how could I not fall completely in love with everything about it.

Remembering a time before Janice jumped on the boobs ‘n Botox wagon. When Lauren Hutton opened the door for Vanessa Paradis into the world of gap-toothed smiles. Olivia Newton-John Grease’d her way into our hearts with her stellar performance, on-trend maxi dresses and floral prints. Diane Von Furstenberg launched a fashion label and that dress that would last a lifetime. Debbie Harry broke airwaves with Heart Of Glass and set a whole new fashion trend with teenage girls in laid-back disco style, with red lips, mussed hair, funked-up maxis and leopard print. Farrah Fawcett, Iman, Jane Fonda, Barbara Bach, Karen Carpenter, Jane Seymour, Shelley Duvall, Diane Keaton, Stevie Nicks are just a few of the ladies who cemented themselves as icons through the seventies and clearly stamped their names in the yearbook.

She is self-assertive with this feeling that she can not only change the world but she can conquer it. Feminine and soft but with an edge, she exudes a stylish and playful decadence that is all at once intellectual, sultry, and mischievous. Having ripped up the 60s in renegade heart-shaped glasses, feather boas and suede jackets. She adopted a more grown-up look in the 70s in satins, kaftans and flares with a smouldering sexpot sass. Even though her looks may not scream at you, there is an effortless feeling that makes you want to be in the moment with her. Moments that will be captured in your memory banks and stored like precious jewels. You won’t necessarily understand what’s happened and it won’t hit you like a ton of bricks but she will forever linger in the back streets of your mind. You’ll see her in your favourite places like a girl you’ve known for a lifetime but only met for a second. Can you ever really explain it to anyone? She’s left you feeling like you have uncovered some sort of secret the rest of the world will never know or perhaps you’ve just been here before. She has evoked something in you, like some innate calling she has awakened this deep urgency to truly be alive. Maybe she was always just your muse for a moment so that she could shift the mountain you had in front of your eyes.

RETOUCHER // Jesse Fine
HAIR & MAKEUP // Carmen Thorne
STYLING // Daisy May

All garments currently available in stores. 

Shot on location at Mason’s Press, Woodstock.

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Merle - 24 Jan 2018

AH! So in love with the pics and the outfits!!! ♡ Cammy - Jane Wonder - Fashion and Beauty Blog
Camilla || Jane Wonder Blog - 24 Jan 2018