Heart Fire

We’re just fire-heads playing in the dregs with hearts as weapons dancing in the shadows of a freedom we were taught.

Like a million fireflies you light up my sky you ignite my soul. Colours a rainbow of beautiful light; is this where we begin?
Because I’m moving to the beat in my chest, I was singing to the thumping of your heart.

Where have you been lately? Playing boardroom games, long before I caught your gaze. Stripped me bare with a look like that, I can barely breathe. Catch my breath now I’m falling free.

Can you see me in your dreams tonight? I was dancing in the moonlight, playing in the sunshine of my life. You’ve got me in an awe of you. I was broken and bent and lent out to friends but I never thought I’d meet someone to make me feel, just feel I was living.

Now we’ll meet along the shore, in a forest of dreams or a desert that stretches for days. Somewhere we can’t be found, somewhere we can feel the rush of air through our hair the suns kiss on our skins. Anywhere they’re playing our song, where we can dance and sing and laugh all day. Because we are the wild ones, we live our lives with this heart fire. We live our lives for the freedom to feel inspired.


This shoot is inspired by the current trend of festival outfits. I thought that with Afrikaburn and Coachella coming up it’s the perfect time to give you my take on festival chic outfits to suit those embracing the current bohemian trends.




LOOK 1: Crochet Bikini (Online Bikini Shop), Leather Tassel Jacket (Kate Moss x Topshop)
LOOK 2: Crochet Bikini (Online Bikini Shop), Denim shorts (River Island), White Vest (H&M)
LOOK 3: Blue & White Bikini (Online Bikini Shop), Cover up (Cotton On)
LOOK 4: Tie-Dye Maxi Dress (H&M), Boots (Jeffery Campbell
LOOK 5: Embellished Dress (Free People), Kimono (River Island), Boots (Jeffery Campbell)
LOOK 6: Gold Sequin Dress (Topshop), Kimono (The Lot), Black Lace Gown (H&M), Headpeice (Topshop)


PHOTOGRAPHY // Shanleigh O’Reilly

STYLING // Daisy May

HAIR & MAKE UP // Daisy May

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So cool. Great...
Julie Kakebeeke - 12 Apr 2016

Beautiful and well written!
Jeanette - 12 Apr 2016