The idea of being a modern day fashion icon constantly in the daily limelight is enough to make me tear my hair out. As if I’d like you to see my puffy eyes and my mop of morning bedhead hair. I believe that what is considered the "normal" social media activity as a influential celebrity is enough to mean you could never actually have a job because you’d always have to be editing and posting. Okay so if you had all this fame and money you could probably pay people to post on your behalf but then isn’t everything everyone is reading and buying into fabricated and fake? After all the chaos in the world lately I have to agree with Chloë Grace Moretz who recently commented on Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift’s feud saying “Everyone in this industry needs to get their heads out of a hole and look around to realize what's actually happening in the real world.”

You’d think that being a model I’d want fame and all the perks that go along with it when in reality this is my job and although I do pride myself at being a professional, my job doesn’t define me. I’ve spent years trying to appeal to a mass market that I don’t necessarily fit into and finally as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that’s okay. In fact I actually quite like that I am not appealing to everyone. Doesn’t that mean I’m different? Isn’t that what makes me who I am? The fact that I am not just another carbon copy, that I have other interests and goals other than modeling. Doesn’t that just make me more interesting?

These days I find everyone portrays themselves as these glamorous people living lives that only 1% of the population could possibly afford. There has always been a correlation between fashion and food and somehow we manage to glamourise junk food and unhealthy living. Yes you get the odd fresh-faced beauty with a pineapple looking all cute girl-next-door like but for the most part its more likely to be a shot of a girl in lingerie with the biggest bowl of spaghetti, a couple of burgers and some fries. Its like we feel a need to show the world we are “normal” we eat the same processed garbage you do when in reality most models spend hours in the gym and focus on living healthy holistic lifestyles. Yes maybe when you’re a newbie at 16 or 18 you don’t need to think about your diet or exercise but hello we’re women now and we actually need to pay attention to our bodies.

Personally I’m a bit of a foodie or food snob but having grown up with parents who were always in the kitchen and a father who had a business in the food industry it shouldn’t surprise you that I too have dabbled in the food industry. I will always be well groomed and take good care of myself but sometimes you just have to have that slice of cheesecake. When food gives me that feeling of ‘ahhh’ when the palate of flavours is so perfectly mapped out against your palate that you couldn’t possibly imagine eating anything else or tasting anything this good that’s when you know you’re a real foodie. For me, it’s not just about scoffing my face or feeding my body with nutrients. You really have to wow me with everything. It’s about the experience. Food is so much more than just fuel for our bodies.

So when I came up with this shoot idea for the next blog article I was super excited to incorporate all the years of watching my favourite photographers shooting food related stories combined with fashion illustrating the correlation between beauty, sex appeal, fashion and food. It really is an explosion of colourful pop culture. Fashion has always been cutthroat and is known for being a make or break industry so this is feast or famine of fashion at its best. I hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed shooting them.

The bikini’s were supplied by the Online Bikini Shop. I’ve always been a fan of strong bold colours especially for swimwear. Nothing says summer quite like a flash of colour. The Online Bikini Shop’s neoprene bikinis were an obvious choice for the shoot with the bold colour blocking, prints and patterns. They are as comfortable as they look and really do flatter most shapes. I love the shape and fit of the flamingo printed Mecca bikini. It’s also reversible which means it literally doubles up as a second bikini, which is great for me when I’m travelling and can’t pack my whole wardrobe. Go check the online store out. Shipping is easy and you normally receive your goods quickly with the overnight delivery service. Should you have to return the garment don’t worry they have a great returns policy with lots of drop off points via Aramex.


PHOTOGRAPHY // Glen Montgomery

STYLING // Daisy May

HAIR & MAKE UP // Tremayne West

RETOUCHER // Lauren Bubb

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ndh - 22 Jul 2016

I like your insights and totally agree... this fake reality is easy to chase after but in a way I sometimes feel it's necessary also... sad reality of our times. We also can discover it as a time where change never ends, creativity is essential and stronger moral values are needed to be heard amongst all the noise around us. Thanks for your article :) p.s. Your modelling rocks in a big way. Thumbs up the man behind the lens also!
Warren - 05 Jul 2018