For a fashion lover who follows trends across the world I've been trying to order these items online as I simply adored the sports influenced look. Then finally they were on our doorstep. One of my favourite sportswear brands recently launched in South Africa and it's been a seriously hot topic. We've seen this sports brand reinvent itself into a coveted streetwear label. The explosion of FILA on social media pages has sent items flying off the shelves and they now can be somewhat hard to come by but the demand is showing us that there is a new trend in streetwear. Its now all about wearing what once was sports attire or sports brands as casual wear. Now this isn't the slouchy tracksuit or "trainer just left the gym" look. It’s all about pairing men's style tees with cool high waisted denims and reworked 90’s styled outfits. This might sound daunting to the novice dresser but just think of the days of Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer where you now spot your favourite mom jeans and pull all the style inspiration from there. You can dress this look up or down. It can be a casual daywear look or something a little more elegant by simply adding a statement bag and a pair of heels. Today I feel fashion isn’t only about style but it also needs to be practical and comfortable. I've always been a fan of layering and I think this is just another brilliant way of creating your own unique style and look.

This girl is a trendsetter and she's comfortable in her own skin. She wears her natural glow with a flick of mascara to accentuate what she already has. There is no need for hours at the hair salon she has far more important things to do with her time. Independent with a strong head on her shoulders she is the ultimate guys girl. This doesn't define her but just shows you that she can stand up against the toughest and the best without even breaking into a sweat. You'll find her training at the boxing gym with the boys while the girls are all instagramming their workouts at the gym. She floats like a butterfly but boy does she sting like a bee.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Aidan Tobias
STYLING & MODEL // Daisy May
HAIR & MAKE UP // Toni Olver

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You Instagram about your gym sessions all the time, you are always busy with Pilates. Haha come on now, keep it real.
Jessica - 21 Jul 2017