Field Of Dreams

Along a dusty gravel road, past the shed and farmworkers houses was a valley of endless hills. It was like no place you’ve ever seen. Burnt amber into vibrant green, a flash of cadmium yellow before you hit the bright blue sky dotted with candy floss clouds. An artist’s pallet and a daydreamers delight, this place was quite a sight. It was not too far from the city but far enough to escape the noise. It was a place to feel the sunshine dancing on your skin and the dry air bursting through city lungs. A place that takes you back to your roots and makes you see the importance of just living in the moment. Rest your eyes, let go of your fears the pressures of the daily grind. Just be, be exactly who you were born to be because in this space you’re as free as you’ll ever be.

It’s nice to find a place to take refuge these days even if it’s just from your own thoughts. It can be so difficult to find the space and time but it is so good for the soul. I’m always looking for great places out in nature where you take time out reflect and recharge. I don’t think we are wired to always be this charged up. It’s important to find ways to switch off so that you can come back fighting again in this dog eat dog world.

I wonder if you were out here in between these farmlands, smelling the dirt and hearing the hum of bees if you gave yourself that well deserved time off if you would find your way to the next big idea or the solution to that problem that had been hanging over you for weeks. I believe rest is as important as hard work. They go hand in hand and without rest trust me the work won’t be as good.

So come with me, let’s run away for a moment into the canola fields where you are wild and free to simply just be.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Chrisél Mouton
HAIR & MAKE UP // Tarryn Maria
STYLING // Daisy May

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Love it and agree. We all need to take that break.
Wendy - 05 Oct 2017

Hi, Daisy! I have nominated you for the Blogger’s Recognition Award! Congratulations!
Irena - 21 Nov 2017