Dark Blooms

Even in darkness there is light. I love the idea of this. Its like turning out the lights and your eyes having to adjust to the darkness. After a while we start to make out shapes and notice that not everything is really in the dark. There are small patches of light hitting corners and reflecting even in the lowest light.

In this day and age I feel everyone is just out there trying to show the world they exist. Like somehow we all became celebrities except we don't have any claim to fame. So being validated by likes and searching for that perfect shot to make your "Gram" stand out above the rest seems its set us all into a new age of living without any of the satifaction or pleasure we used to enjoy. I watch people take photos of themselves acting like they are having fun or at a particular place when really none of this is true or real.
I wonder when the beauty of photos was lost when it stopped being about capturing a feeling or moment and became fake. I wonder if thats why everything lasts an instant and disappears as quickly. Just as fleeting as your happiness in that moment you check the status of your "likes" only to chase the next big hitter. Here we are with our lives in our hands being able to choose what and where we want to be. Having freedom of speach and the ability to travel and explore the world yet we get so little satisfaction from any this. I wonder if you put down your devices, sat and looked out at the view while sipping on a cocktail if you still had the ability to feel it all or if you have simply lost all your humanity to the screentime you have spent your life chasing.
At the end of the day the only thing I believe is true is that we're all just looking out hoping to be seen. So instead of living your life shut off from your actual life why not try engaging with your fellow man and see how wonderful it feels to have real human interaction. I believe you will find the light in even the darkest of places.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Grethe Rosseaux
HAIR & MAKEUP // Nikkila Mann
MODEL & STYLIST // Daisy May


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